Attaining desired targets by VS Bank PJSC is made possible through its uppermost value – the staff. A major role, apart from the experienced leadership team, is also played by newly-hired promising specialists who have considerably enhanced the human resources of our Bank. The VS Bank PJSC’s staff policy is focused on selecting both experienced, highly-qualified specialists, and young, creative, promising talent, as well as on forming an efficient team of experts. Employees of VS Bank take an active part in trainings, workshops, conferences, including those held internationally.

Currently the VS Bank PJSC’s staff lists over 420 employees. 

At VS Bank PJSC, initiative, teamwork, and self-improvement efforts are highly encouraged and rewarded.

An important task for the directors of VS Bank PJSC is to create for staffers the most enabling working environment, and to give them an opportunity to improve their skill level. The largest investment for VS Bank is investing in the staff. Therefore, the Bank’s door is open to experts from various regions of Ukraine, who are wishing for success and professional growth!

Dear applicant!

You can send to us your CV to e-mail:

In the subject line of your email, specify the Job Opening Title and City (e.g. Economist Lviv).

Your CV will be saved in the database of the HR Department of VS Bank PJSC.


Any personal information you supply is confidential and will not be disclosed to a third party. Should your candidacy match the key requirements of the opening, which will enable you to apply your past-achieved professional skills and abilities, you will be invited for an interview.

We appreciate the interest you took in the VS Bank PJSC’s job openings!

Contact us at::

11 Hrabovskoho St.
Human Resources Department
Phone: +38 032 297 6991(86)
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79000, Lviv,
11 Hrabovskoho St.

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