Notification for subjects of personal data in accordance to the article 12 of the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Personal Data"

On rights of subject of personal data, defined by the Law of Ukraine On Protection of Personal Data

VS Bank PUBLIC JOINT-STOCK COMPANY, MFO 325213, EDRPOU code 19358632 (hereinafter  – «Bank»), to comply with the Law of Ukraine On Protection of Personal Data in connection with your personal data inclusion to personal database  informs you as a subject of personal data on your rights defined by the Law of Ukraine «On Protection of Personal Data».

In particular, we inform that subject of personal data  is entitled to: know about location of personal database, which includes his/her personal data, its purpose and name, location and/or residence (stay) of owner or  manager of this database or give proper order on such information receiving by the persons authorized by him/her, except the cases defined by the law; to receive information on conditions for  access granting to personal data, in particular information about third parties, for which hisher information is transferred, which are included to respective personal database; access own personal data included in respective personal database; receive not later than 30 calendar days since the day of inquiry, except the cases anticipated by the law, answer if the his/her patronal data is saved in respective personal data base, and also receive content of his/her personal data being saved; submit grounded demand with objection against processing or his/her personal data  by state bodies, local authority bodies when practicing their plenary powers, provided by the law; submit grounded demand  on change or  annulment of his/her personal data by any owner and manager of this database  if this data is processed illegally or is unreliable; have his/her personal data protected against  illegal processing  and unintentional loss, destruction, damage because of intentional  hiding, non-submission or intimely submission, and also have protected against  submission of information being unreliable or dishonor, threaten dignity and business reputation of private individual; apply concerning  protection of personal rights on personal data to state bodies, local authority bodies, as protection of personal data belongs to their authorities; use legal protection means in case  legislation on protection  data is breached; should the consent be provided,  to submit warning  on restricted right for processing  own personal data.



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