PJSC "VS Bank" performs on equity market:

1. Dealeractivities

2. The following brokerage services:

  • Operations with state and co-operative securities on primary and secondary markets
  • Fulfillment of Clients' orders for purchase/sale of securities on stock exchange market and off-exchange market

3. Organizationofsecuritiesissueandallocation (underwriting):

  • services of informational and financial adviser (preparation of emission prospect of bonds; preparation of investment memorandum for investors; registration of bonds issue in Securities and Stock Market Commission; submitting report on the results of bonds redemption to Securities and Stock Market Commission)
  • underwriting services (conducting of advertising campaign; bonds listing on the stock exchanges and PFTS (First Stock Exchange Trade System); primary allocation of bonds among investors)
  • paying agent services (payment of interest income to investors; redemption of bonds)
  • securities quotation
  • depository services of securities custodian

4. Assets management (securities and funds):

  • forming of Client's investment portfolio
  • allocation of free client' funds on more advantageous conditions
  • optimization of clients settlements

5. Lending under the pledge of securities and execution of REPO operations

6. Executionofcontroloversettlementsduringfulfillment ofsecuritiesPurchaseandSaleAgreements bytheparties:

  • guaranteeing securities delivery against the payment

7. Operations with bills of exchange:

  • discounting the bills
  • bills domiciliation
  • keeping of bills
  • availing of bills
  • indebtedness denominated by notes
  • settlements with utilization of bills
  • fulfillment of clearing agency functions for presenting of bills for payment
  • collection of bills

8. Advisory and informational services on the issues of activities on the stock market


Assecuritiescustodian PJSC "VS Bank" offers:

  • opening and maintenance of accounts in securities
  • safe keeping and registration of securities
  • servicing of securities turnover in National depository system of Ukraine independently from the form of issue
  • immobilization /materialization of securities, which are issued in documentary form
  • encumbrance of securities by liabilities (blocking, pledge, etc.)
  • getting of income on securities and paying out this income to securities owners
  • settlements by operations with securities
  • informing the owners of securities on corporate actions of issuer and fulfillment of operations in relation with it
  • rendering services of investment funds depository
  • servicing of assets of joint financing institute
  • rendering custodian services of private pension fund
  • servicing of issuers, which took decision on transferring of documentary form of securities emission to non-documentary
  • servicing of Real Estate Operations Funds (REOF)
  • consulting and informational services

Services on the stock market are executed by Securities Sales and Custody Departments on the ground of Securities and Stock market State Commission license No. 483700 dd. September 22, 2009, series AVNo 483700.

Officers of the above mentioned Departments are specialists in depositary activity and securities trade certified by Securities and Stock market State Commission and have knowledge and experience of work on Ukraine' stock market.

As client of VS Bank you would have possibility to take advantage of high quality of services granting, beneficial tariff system, and to get reliability and guarantee of information keeping!



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11 Hrabovskoho St.

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