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Refinancing of Loans with Other Banks

Refinancing of Loans with Other Banks

Taking advantage of our offer you will not only significantly save on interest, but also have the opportunity to extend the term of credit funds.

  • Term loan - up to 5 years
  • Loan repayment - monthly installments or progressive schedule (monthly repayment amount increases from the first to the last months of lending)
  • The purpose of the loan - when refinancing by providing a term loan, refinancing debt on loans to other banks when refinancing by opening a credit line, refinancing of outstanding loans from other banks, working capital;

Refinanced loans, which for at least the last 12 months (or the entire loan period if the loan is issued less than 12 months to review a loan application) The Borrower shall promptly vykonanuvav its obligations to pay interest and the loan, and non-financial liabilities; The amount of the transaction is established in the amount of debt under a term loan in the amount or credit line limit that refinansovuyetsya.V If the amount of the loan provided by VS Bank PJSC is greater than the amount of actual debt transaction that refinansovuyetsya, the loan is provided parts (tranches), namely: the first part (installment) - to repay debts to the lending bank (refinancing), the next part (part) tranche - for working capital.

Collateral is mortgage on real estate acquired for credit funds of real estate / other equivalent property. Bail persons having a decisive impact on the business.

Insurance requirements applicable under the Bank's chosen the insurance company accredited by the Bank

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