Placement of Disposable Funds

Deposits for Corporate Business

Take advantage of the opportunity to get an extra income and to increase the efficiency of using available funds – VS Bank PJSC offers placing of temporary disposable funds into a deposit account. Having chosen one of our deposit programs, you will receive a guaranteed additional income plus flexible contractual terms, which are best-suited to you.

At your service:

  • Fixed-term deposits – a traditional banking product, which enables placing of temporarily available money at a fixed interest rate for a pre-agreed period.
  • A deposit line is a deposit, which makes it possible to discretionally deposit extra money/withdraw already deposited funds over the contractual term, and to get income depending on the period the money remains deposited.

Fixed-Term Deposits by VS Bank PJSC

Types of fixed-term deposits:

  • A Standard deposit with a monthly payment of interest and with no option of additional depositing/partial withdrawal of the money over the deposit term.
  • A Standard+% deposit with the payment of interest at maturity and with no option of additional depositing/partial withdrawal of the money over the deposit term.
  • A Standard Capital deposit with the payment of interest at maturity, the option of additional depositing in the amount of up to 100% of the initial deposit amount, and without the option of partial withdrawal over the deposit term.

The minimum deposit amount subject to fixed-term deposits is UAH 20,000.- / EUR 20,000.- / USD 20,000.-. The minimum deposit term is seven (7) days or longer.

IMPORTANT! Even in the event of early termination of the deposit agreement, after day 90 you will still get an extremely lucrative interest on your deposit!

Active Balances Current Account

The Active Balances current account is a new product for legal entities having continuous sizable balances on their current account, who are striving to get a high extra revenue and at the same time are reluctant to ‘tie up’ the company’s money in a fixed-term deposit.

The product is similar to a deposit line, having, however, a number of material advantages, e.g.:

  • High interest rate.
  • Capitalization-of-interest option.
  • No extra paperwork when crediting or withdrawing money – all transactions are made based exclusively on the client’s payment orders.
  • A possibility to transact payments directly from the savings account.
  • No limitation in terms of the deposit amount, partial withdrawal or additional depositing.
  • Steady and unchangeable interest rate – no matter the account balance.

Having taken advantage of the product, you will make the current account balance to provided added value for you. The rate of interest on the average daily account balance is 8% per annum.

Information about interest rates on term deposits and current can be found here . (from 01.06.2018)

Regarding the placement of funds please contact:

(032) 2976957
Lyubov Zhynko
Head of Large Corporations Department, Corporate Banking Division

(032) 255 02 86
Korostynskyy Vitalii Mykhaylovych
Head of Lviv Regional Center of Corporate Banking

(044) 230 48 03
Zahorodnya Tetyana Mykhaylivna 
Head of Kiev Regional Center of Corporate Banking

(03422) 54 80 16
Makar Mykhaylo Mykhaylovych
Head of Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Center of Corporate Banking




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