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Documentary letters of credit

VS Bank PJSC offers various payment methods by means of documentary letters of credit for:

  • Importers who are reluctant to pay in advance since they are insecure of the Exporter’s credibility.
  • Exporters who are not going to supply commodities without additional payment guarantees.
  • Companies ordering equipment, the production of which requires material temporary costs subject to an advance payment.
  • Official Distributors or their Dealerships, who buy on credit.
  • Intermediaries, who need to purchase goods from a Supplier and further sell it to a Buyer, but are falling short of working capital to make the transaction.
  • Companies of other sorts, seeking to avoid financial costs or material expenses due to the risk of their partner’s negligence.

For more information please contact:

Iryna Vantukh
Head of Securities and Treasury Support Department

Bill Avalization

one-time commission for bill avalization depending on whether the client gets cash management and payment processing services from the Bank, depending on the bill amount, and on the type of bill coverage

Bill Amount

for a client

for a client, whose gets cash management and payment processing services from other banks

is a deposit with the Bank is pledged as collateral

bill avalization to clear customer-supplied raw materials

up to UAH 500K inclusive

1.5% of the bill amount (minimum UAH 300)

2% of the bill amount

1% of the bill amount

0,5% of the bill amount in UAH equivalent at the exchange rate of the National Bank ofUkraineat the date of payment

over UAH 500K up to UAH 1M inclusive

1% of the bill amount

1.2% of the bill amount

0.5% of the bill amount

over UAH 1M

0.5% of the bill amount

0.6% of the bill amount

0.3% of the bill amount

one-time fee for processing the client’s application to make a Bill Avalization payable before the Bank starts processing the application.

UAH 500.00

For bill avalization please contact:

Lyubov Zhynko
Head of Large Corporations Department, Corporate Banking Division

Bank guarantee

Bank guarantee - it is commitment of the Bank to pay specified amount if the debtor will not fulfill own obligations. In the case of regular transactions the bank can conclude Long-term Agreement with the client. It would be utilized for granting guarantees to one or few beneficiaries few times.

The Bank gives guarantees to the Clients for:

  1. Obtaining the license by travel agency
  2. Payment for goods /services.
  3. Payment for customs duties and procedure of customs.
  4. Payment for leasing.
  5. Fulfillment of other payments anticipated by the Contracts.

The Guarantee must be duly collaterized by:

  • Mortgage of borrower' immovable property.
  • Pledge of borrower' movable property.
  • Products under sale and processing of the borrower.
  • Pledge of borrower' property rights.
  • Property guarantee of the third persons.

For more information please contact:

Lyubov Zhynko
Head of Large Corporations Department, Corporate Banking Division



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