Online Banking

Online Banking System

Online Banking is a simple and reliable system which enables you to get info and manage the money on your accounts at VS Bank PJSC staying at your office.

The Online Banking system by VS Bank will enable you to:

  • Work with any number of firms staying at your desk.
  • Generate payment documents and forward them to the bank.
  • Set up discretional levels of control over the flow of funds.
  • Obtain current information about the account activity.
  • Obtain information about the current exchange rates at the Bank and the ones of the National Bank of Ukraine, plus other helpful information.

Having installed the Online Banking system, not only will you save your time, but you will also save your money, since a payment order forwarded electronically is twice cheaper than the one brought to the Bank in a hard copy form.

For more detail please contact:


Olha Koprovska

Chief Specialist of Lviv Regional Branch

or a nearest VS Bank PJSC branch



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79000, Lviv,
11 Hrabovskoho St.

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