Current accounts

VS Bank PJSC offers opening current accounts in the national or in a foreign currency to private consumers.

A current account in the national currency is intended to make payments and receive transfers within Ukraine. With the help of a current account in the national currency you can:

  • Make payments to companies and institutions for goods, services, or work done (e.g. utility payments, mobile and landline telephony payments, purchase of a housing, domestic appliances, a car etc.)
  • Transfer money within Ukraine.
  • Receive to your account transfers and payments from private individuals, companies, or institutions, including pension, among others.
  • Make cash withdrawals of money coming to the current account both in cash and non-cash form.

Current account in a foreign currency is helpful for making payments and transfers abroad and receive transfers from abroad.

  • Having opened an account in a foreign currency you will be able to:
  • Make money transfers within Ukraine and abroad;
  • Receive transfers from private individuals or legal entities, particularly, but not exclusively, from abroad;
  • Withdraw cash money received to the current account in a cash or non-cash form;

Having a current account with VS Bank PJSC, you have an opportunity to:

  • Keep your temporarily disposable funds safely and securely over an indefinite period.
  • Withdraw and additionally deposit money to you account freely and without limitation.
  • Receive from, and send bank transfers to, any country worldwide.
  • Make cash and non-cash payments to individuals and businesses.
  • Take advantage of affordable servicing rates and fees.
  • Obtain guarantee of confidentiality of transactions and Client information.

To open a current account, you need to visit a nearest VS Bank PJSC branch, submit documents required for account opening (the passport and identification number slip), fill in the account opening application form, and sign the agreement.



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