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Custody services by "VS Bank" PJSC

You need to protect your valuables? Deposit boxes with VS Bank PJSC – handy, safe and secure, and confidential!
Safekeeping of Valuables. The depository vault at VS Bank PJSC is duly certified and is guarded round-the-clock, which, coupled with a specially developed security alarm, ensures a multi-level protection system.
Confidentiality. On special premises you place your valuables to a metal case (box), which is later locked in a lock box. Each lock box has two locks which can be unlocked only with two keys applied at a time – the Bank’s key and the Client’s key.
The information about the Client’s renting a safe deposit box is confidential. Only the individual renting the personal deposit box may use it, and only this same individual can grant the right to manage the deposit box to another person.
It is prohibited to keep in a deposit box weapons, ammunition, explosives, chemicals, radioactive materials, drugs, or poisons.
Depending on the size of your valuables, you choose the appropriate deposit box size: standard depth – 45cm, standard width – 30cm. The height you choose at your discretion: 8, 13, 18, 28, and 58cm.
The deposit box rent is documented based in the passport or an equivalent ID, pursuant to the laws then in force.
Cost of a Deposit Box in Lviv, in UAH

The custodian VS Bank PJSC provides all kinds of custody services:

  • Opening securities accounts.
  • Custody of securities.
  • Servicing securities turnaround on securities accounts.
  • Keeping record of titles to and encumbrances on securities.
  • Services in dematerialization and materialization of securities.
  • Receiving the yield with subsequent transfer to the owners.
  • Clearing and settlement services in securities-related transactions.
  • Information and consulting services.

Benefits of custody services provided to clients by the custodian VS Bank PJSC:

  • The whole spectrum of custody services.
  • Flexible and affordable rates.
  • Customer-tailored approach.
  • Absolute confidentiality.

The list of documents required to open a securities account

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Nonresident private individual:



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