Internet service "VS-e"

Internet service "VS-e" is a system designed for electronic payment document flow between clients (both individuals and businesses) and the bank by means of the public data network, the Internet.

Internet service "VS-e" features a multilevel data protection scheme depending on the confidentiality of the data. Among other features, the system provides for user authorization, monitoring and auditing of each and all user activities, and the application of the ‘four-eyes-control’ principle to all critical transactions.

Functionality of Online Banking System:

  • Obtaining data from the client’s accounts (settlement, card, credit, or deposit) both in the national, and in a foreign, currency;
  • Making payment transactions in the national currency;
  • Making payment transactions in a foreign currency;
  • Transacting standard payments (based on templates);
  • Placing orders for foreign currency purchase, sale, or conversion;
  • Exchanging messages and files with the bank;
  • Obtaining overall-profile financial information (exchange rates, rates on loans and deposits, servicing rates and fees etc.);
  • Maintaining helpful reference data (indices for correspondents, payment details etc.)



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79000, Lviv,
11 Hrabovskoho St.

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