«Золота Корона - Грошові Перекази»

_.JPGZolotaya Korona – money transfers is the system of  wire money transfer without account opening, which has more than 27 000 outlets on the territory of Russia and CIS.

At present the System has more than 350 partner banks on the whole CIS territory. Owing to cooperation with retail networks («Svyaznoy», «Alt Telekom», «Yevroset», MTS, Tekhnosyla) infrastructure of  sending off  network has expanded with additional  10 000 points, with which transfer with Zolotaya Korona – money transfers systemcan be sent.


 from 0.5%


 More than in 12 world countries

Speed of transfer                                  

 Immediate, 1 second after sending off

Currency of transfer                              



 Anywhere in the country

Advantages of Zolotaya Korona – money transfers system:
Speed – money transfer can be received in several seconds after its sending off.
Advantage – fee for making a transfer in Russia and CIS is of the lowest. Currency of transfer RUB, USD, EUR.
Convenience – it is enough to mention only country and city you send transfer in. Recipient can chooses the most convenient delivery point within the country.
Control - SMS-notification about transfer status to sender’s mobile phone number. Possibility to verify transfer status on-line on web-site of Zolotaya Korona – money transfers.
Innovations – transfer technology allows transfer with using the Sender’s Card make a common service even more perfect.

To receive money transfer you need:
Have the person identifying document.
To inform the Bank’s operator with transfer number.
To inform the transfer amount.

Maximum  amount of one transfer  equals to RUB 500 000 or RUB equivalent of USD 20 000, EUR 15 000.

More information about  Zolotaya Korona – money transfers system is on the web-site www.perevod-korona.com, 24/7 call center  0-800-501-223 (free for Ukrtelecom  subscribers).



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