VS Bank PJSC is a member of the National System of Mass Electronic Payments (NSMEP).

The National System of Mass Electronic Payments is a domestic bank multi-issuer payment system of multiple payments, in which system the payments for goods or services, receiving cash, and other transactions are done by means of smart payment cards incorporating the technology developed by the National Bank of Ukraine.

The National Bank of Ukraine performs the functions of Payment Institution and Settlement Bank of the NSMEP, and oversees the operations of the same.

An NSMEP card is a quick and simple way to pay to a vendor, receive cash, make payments on the Internet etc. with no risk to safe keeping of money on the card account.

An NSMEP payment card is made with the high-end technology in mind and at work, and ensures a high level of transaction security when using the card, as well as the safety of money on the card account.

The NSMEP uses payment cards with in-built chip modules, - smart cards. A smart card, which is a medium of financial data in the NSMEP, as opposed to a plastic magnetic stripe card, is the one which meets security requirements to the fullest.

Advantages of NSMEP Card:

  • In use and circulation throughout Ukraine.
  • A long-term card validity period (4 to 5 years).
  • Losing a card does not involve the threat of losing the money since an NSMEP card is protected by a personalized PIN code known only to the holder, which needs to be entered when paying for goods or services (when an electronic receipt is used), or while cash withdrawals.
  • State Support of Card and NSMEP in General.
  • An NSMEP card holder automatically becomes a holder of a personal bank account, which (s)he may use discretionally.


By means of an NSMEP card you can:

  • Pay for railway tickets and other railway services.
  • Pay for services provided by Ukrtelecom OJSC.
  • Pay for mobile telephone connection services.
  • Pay for IP telephony services.
  • Pay for Internet services
  • Pay for cable television services.
  • Postal remittances via Internet (the electronic money transfer system of Ukrposhta, Ukrainian State-Owned Company of Mail Services and Postal Communication.)

To make Internet payments in the NSMEP, you need to have available:

  1. A computer connected to the Internet.
  2. An NSMEP payment card, which you can obtain at any NSMEP-member bank.
  3. Money on the account or in an NSMEP card’s payment application (check or wallet.)
  4. A smart-card reader.
  5. A preinstalled and properly configured client’s part of the web-terminal (special software) which can be downloaded for free.

The list of the documents required to get an NSMEP payment card opened:

  • Passport or an equivalent ID;
  • Identification number slip.


The upsides to the VS Bank PJSC’s offer are the serving speed and quality together with the custom-tailored approach.

For more details about the National System of Mass Electronic Payments please go online and visit the website of the National Bank of Ukraine at http://www.bank.gov.ua/ (go to Electronic Payment System/NSMEP).


Payment by NSMEP payment card online

ukrposhta_web.jpgПOnline postal remittances (the electronic payment transfer system by Ukrposhta, Ukrainian State-Owned Company of Mail Services and Postal Communication)


Smartpay_web_1.jpgSystem of online payments by NSMEP card
Prydbay_web_1.jpgOnline project dedicated to retail sales of mobile telephone top-up codes



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