Notice to shareholders

August 11, 2011


                                                  Dear shareholer,

    Volksbank Joint-Stock Company informs that according to the decision of the Volksbank PJSC extraordinary General Sharehodlers' Assembly, Minutes No.44 dd. July 22, 2011, until 01.09.2011, the Bank removes and cancels certificates of Volksbank PJSC shares (legal successor of all rights and obligations of Electron Bank OJSC, EDRPOU code - 19358632), as the ones bacame invalid due to dematerialization of the Bank's shares.

Bank's shareholders shall personally give back or send by mail at the address: VOLKSBANK PJSC, 11 Hrabovskoho Street, Lviv,79000 certificates of Bank's shares for cancelation. (Phone for details – 032 255-02-54).

Certificates for Bank's shares which are not returned in Bank within the defined period for cancelation, will not be removed in future.


                                                            VOLKSBANK PJSC Managing Board




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79000, Lviv,
11 Hrabovskoho St.

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