Тoloka 2009

April 10, 2009

On April 9, 2009 the tradition of the previous years had been proceeded, OJSC VOLKSBANK Managing Board has encouraged all non-indifferent Bank's employees to participate in toloka in order to set an deserving example to other, to participate directly in environmental improvement of trees and shrubs on the territory of Citadel.

Toloka is the ancient Ukrainian custom, joint mutual help during the hard working process. Participants in VOLKSBANK's  toloka were 50 persons. Territory near Citadel was cleaned and rubbish was removed. 

Purpose of toloka - to increase the level of Bank employees ecological consciousness and also to preserve and improve arrangement of the whole Citadel territory.

Participants of VOLKSBANK's  toloka support the ancient Ukrainian customs.

In spite of hard work on the land, weariness from it is cheerful!



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