With Respect to a Client, with Love to People!

August 25, 2011

 In August VOLKSBANK held one more social and charitable project together with the oldest corporate client Electron TV plant, subsidiary of Concern Electron OJSC. Two children’s medical institutions in Lviv have got large LCD TVs and flash drives with cartoons. This charitable project is oriented to the kids who are hospitalized in Okhmadyt clinic, municipal institution at Lviv Regional Council and in Western Ukrainian Specialized Children’s Medical Center.

 The fulfilled social and charitable project is one more example how business helps to solve urgent social problems. Health and full life of our kids is a business of whole society, and everyone should put efforts into this.

«Together we do a matter of great importance and  honour:  we help kids to be happier and healthier»,  said in VOLKSBANK  and in Concern Electron. Everyone should think about and look at the children who undergo the hard test,  they stay within hospital walls,  and pay attention the problems and needs the children have. VOLKSBANK and Electron TV plant made their small input to improve the conditions of kids’ stay in hospital by presenting large LCD TVs and flash drives with cartoons for the rest room and hemodialysis ward.

 Children is our dearest treasure, our joy and our future, and thus it is the future of Ukraine.  And that is why we, adults, influence on how a small person is formed. In VOLKSBANK we are sure that if children are brought up attentively and were surrounded by love and mercy, they will change our life for better.



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