VOLKBANK became a participant of the united ATMoSphefa ATMs network

June 30, 2011

VOLKSBANK becomes a participant of the ATMoSphefa  united ATMs network beginning from July 1, 2011. Since now holders of the VOLKSBANK’s payment cards can use ATMs of all banks participating in ATMoSphefa ATMs network with the same tariffs as in the bank they are serviced. The VOLKSBANK’s ATMs are available for use under the same conditions to for payment cards holders  of the banks participating in  ATMoSphefa. 

VOLKSBANK became the 27th participant of the network and considerably expanded ATMs network for clients without large investments. For today ATMoSphefa network consists of 3820 ATMs, over the whole territory of Ukraine. 

Participation in ATMoSphefa united ATMs network will allow the Bank to optimize costs and improve efficiency of the existing network, providing a card holder with the wide network of ATMs, which are located  over the whole territory of Ukraine.

The web-site helps the network’s participants and cards holders to easily find the address of the nearest ATM.



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