VB UA participated in 10th International Economic Forum

October 8, 2010

The International Economic Forum, which is traditionally held in Lviv Region in October, is considered to be the most important event in the economic life of the Western Ukraine.

The purpose of the Forum is to foster a positive image and investment attractiveness of Ukrainian regions and Lviv Region, particularly on the international level, developing partner relations as part of interregional and transboundary cooperation, expanding business relations with foreign partners, presenting investment projects and opportunities of the Region.

This year's Forum, hosted in Truskavets on October 7 through October 8, 2010, was attended by 547 participants (vs. 350 in 2009) from 18 countries. This is a record-breaking number over the entire history of forum-like events (vs. 12 countries in 2009). The geography of the Forum is the widest one compared with previous years.

The topic Transboundary Cooperation. Future Outlook was chosen for the 10th International Economic Forum for a reason. Ukraine has 19 frontier regions, with Lviv Region bordering on the EU. Thus the transboundary cooperation is the top-priority line of activity, which will enable to secure an uptick in the economic and social development of Ukrainian regions, small and medium enterprises, regional networks of transportation and communications, environmental protection.

Lviv Regional State Administration was the Forum's host in partnership with Lviv City Council and Lviv Regional Council, under the patronage of the Ukrainian President.

There were delegates from Poland, Germany, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, France, Romania, Russia, the USA, Canada, Austria, Sweden, Byelorussia, Moldova, Turkey, Finland, Estonia, and the Netherlands.

Participants of the Forum were representatives of state governments and municipalities. At the Forum, about 50% were accounted for by representatives of businesses and nongovernmental organizations. The high level of the Forum's mission was due to the attendance by many VIP guests.

Ralf Weingartner, Member of the Volksbank International AG's Managing Board and Chairman of the VB UA's Supervisory Board together with the Chairman of the VB UA's Managing Board Iryna Pokhodzyayeva were among valuable participants and spokespeople for the Forum.

Key reported topics addressed the issues of the new economic policy, competitiveness and innovations, regional development and strategic infrastructural projects. At the Forum, Ralf Weingartner delivered the report on the Role of SMEs as The Backbone of Financial and Economic System versus Speculative Businesses.

As part of the Forum, five official meetings and negotiations took place. Two international memoranda on cooperation were signed, one addressing training of nursing staff in Germany, the other one covering transboundary cooperation.

Moreover, in the course of the Forum, two-day contacts exchange was organized with some 80 businessmen and entrepreneurs, half being foreigners, having meetings at local firms.





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