Conducting of OJSC «VOLKSBANK» extraordinary General meeting of shareholders

June 17, 2009

OPEN JOINT STOCK COMPANY  «VOLKSBANK» Managing Board  informs on extraordinary General meeting of shareholders conducting.

Date and place of meeting participants registration: August 03, 2009  from 16.00 till 16.45.
Date and time of meeting opening: August 03,  2009  at  17.00.
Place of participants registration and meeting conducting:  11, Hrabovskoho St, c.Lviv, OJSC «VOLKSBANK».

A G E N D A:

  1. On election of meeting working bodies and approval the rules of procedure for conducting  the OJSC «VOLKSBANK» extraordinary General meeting of shareholders.  
  2. On change and approval of new OJSC «VOLKSBANK» name.
  3. On making amendments to OJSC «VOLKSBANK» Charter by means of Charter set forth in new edition.
  4. On making amendments to the Regulation on the OJSC «VOLKSBANK» Supervisory Board, Regulation on the OJSC «VOLKSBANK» Audit Committee by means of their set forth in new edition, and also to comply another OJSC «VOLKSBANK» internal documents with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine "On Joint Stock Companies" and new edition of Charter.
  5. Making decision to increase the OJSC «VOLKSBANK» authorized capital volume by means of increase the number of existing nominal value of shares according to additional contributions.      
  6. Making decision on closed (private) allocation of shares of the nineteen emission and approval the Minutes of decision on closed (private) shares allocation.  
  7. Appointment of the Authorized Body and  the OJSC «VOLKSBANK» Authorized Body persons, to whom the plenary powers are granted to make decision concerning approval results of realization by shareholders their priority right for purchase of shares which are proposed for allocation; concerning pre-term termination of the closed (private) shares allocation; concerning approval the results of closed (private) shares allocation and report on results of closed (private) shares allocation; execute all necessary actions anticipated by legislation as to ensuring the closed (private) shares allocation.  
  8. On appointment of  the OJSC «VOLKSBANK» Supervisory Board Member.
  9. On appointment and dismissal of the OJSC «VOLKSBANK» Audit Committee members.

Additional information:

а) reasons of authorized capital increase: execution of the National Bank of Ukraine requirements as to support the necessary level of regulatory capital and Bank liquidity;
 - the way of authorized capital increase: additional issue of existing nominal value Bank shares;
- minimum volume of authorized capital increase: UAH 100 000 000,00 (One hundred million);

b) project of changes to the Bank's Charter, connected with authorized capital increase:  to set forth in the following edition the Item 3.1. Chapter 3 "Bank Authorized Capital":

"The authorized capital of the Bank amounts to  UAH 360 000 000,00 (three hundred sixty million Hryvnas  00 kopecks), divided into 720 000 000 (seven hundred twenty) million ordinary registered shares with par value 50 (fifty) kopecks each, including 520 000 000 (five hundred twenty) million pieces of ordinary registered shares with par value 50 (fifty) kopecks each - in documentary form, and 200 000 000 (two hundred million) ordinary registered shares with par value 50 (fifty) kopecks each - in non-documentary form."

c) data on general number of shares which are issued additionally, and their total cost: additionally are issued 200 000 000 (two hundred million) ordinary registered shares with total cost of UAH 100 000 000,00 (one hundred million);

d) information on new par value of shares: par value of shares is not changed and is UAH 0,5;

e) rights of the shareholders in case of additional issue of shares:  the rights of Bank shareholders in case of additional shares issue are not changed; the shareholders has the prevailing right for purchase of additionally issued shares on conditions anticipated by the current legislation;

f) the date of beginning and end of subscription on shares which are issued additionally: from October 30,  2009 till November 20, 2009;

g) the order of losses indemnification  to the owners of shares, connected with the authorized capital change:  according to the Bank's authorized capital change, the owners of shares not bear losses.

The OJSC «VOLKSBANK» shareholders could be informed on materials connected with the meeting Agenda at the Bank's address: 11, Hrabovskoho St, c.Lviv.

In order to participate in General meeting of shareholders, the shareholders shall have the document which certify the person, and the authorized representative of shareholder - duly registered Power of Attorney on right to vote on meeting and document which certify the person. 

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