A year with a new name. Publicity campaign on the annual anniversary of rebranding

September 8, 2009

In September 2008, VOLKSBANK entered the Ukrainian banking services market with the new name, as a part of big Volksbank International AG Group (Аustria). During this period many changes took place, which gave the possibility to obtain new clients, to confirm reputation of stable and reliable bank.

Owing to the rebranding anniversary, the publicity campaign will be held in VOLKSBANK  from 08.09.2009 till 09.10.2009. Its conditions anticipate decrease of the interest rates by loans of private individuals and private individuals-entrepreneurs by -1% from the basic rates and increase of the private individuals deposits interest rates by +1%  on deposits for the term from 3 months.

Current interest rates by loans, by deposits during the period of publicity campaign conducting.

Please, apply to the nearest Bank`s Branch and make sure that VOLKSBANK presents its clients transparent conditions of loans utilization in which there are no hidden charges and payments.



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