Social project «Holiday» for Children from VOLKSBANK is going on

May 14, 2009

New social project started in OJSC VOLKSBANK on April 2009, its main task is organization of leisure time of kids that are deprived of parental care and are in orphanages. Project's motto - «GIVE KID A SMILE!».

At present, such rough time, it is important to draw public attention  to the problems of unprotected sections of population. That is why VOLKSBANK has chosen such social direction of work and has decided  to help orphans. Financial aid is provided by VOLKSBANK from own profit. Simultaneously, each client of the Bank knows that being serviced in VOLKSBANK he/she is automatically included to this project.

This event takes place in several Ukrainian regions at the same time: Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Zakapattya and Ternopil. From the beginning of May, children from orphanages of Ivano-Frankivsk, Dolyna, Tlumach have visited the cinema Lyumyer where children of school age watched the movie Game Plan, and underschool age children: cartoon Bee Movie. Children from Lviv boarding school No.2 have visited Kinopalats where they watched Witch's Hill and younger kids: the cartoon Carolina in the World of Nightmares. The same cartoon was watched by the children from four orphanages of Zakarpattya region, namely two in Mukachevo, Vynohradiv and Chynadiyevo. In Ternopil children from Koropetska boarding school and Mel'nytse-Podil's'kyy regional municipal orphanage-boarding school have watched movie for children My Domestic Dinosaur. As a whole, near 500 children took part in the project.

Children were really happy, full of impressions, as a kid does not need a lot for happiness. What only joyful smiles, grateful look and sincere child's "Thank you" worth!  VOLKSBANK will try to help kids in leisure time organization, it's not an one-off event. The Bank plans to continue began social project. Visit of circus, aqua park, theatre, amusement park etc are planned.

VOLKSBANK is not only a reliable bank  whom people may trust, but it is also the Bank  that during unfavorable  time, in crisis conditions is ready to help others. Social program HOLIDAY TO CHILDREN is a clear evidence of this. Besides, the program gives and forms social position of population, as each of us has the possibility to participate in the events which bring society benefit.

Let's organize HOLIDAY TO CHILDREN and give them a smile!



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