On October 7th Voksbank celebrated its jubilee, 20th anniversary of the Bank’s foundation

October 21, 2011

Reliability is a quality the most appreciated in banking field. Customer is the most precious notion for the Bank, and customers’ and partners’ trust is the best achievement. That is why 20 years of activities on banking services market is the indicator which gives VOLKBANK right to have proud status of  stable banking institution, which is trusted by an increasing number of customers.

For today VOLKSBANK PJSC is known practically for each Lviv citizen, and citadel building, where the Bank’s head office located,  is one of historic buildings of our city.

VOLKSBANK decided to celebrate its 20th ‘birthday’ intra muros of citadel and chose Citadel Inn hotel’s restaurant as the place for celebration. The top corporate Bank’s customers were present at solemn celebration who came not only from Lviv but also from Kyiv, Uzhgorod, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil. The celebration was attended by honorable guests: foreign investors from Austria, Chairmen of Management Boards from Volksbank International Group, representatives of Lviv Local Administration of the National Bank of Ukraine.

The jubilee evening schedule was heavy and exciting. There was presented historic movie “How It Was”, specially shot for 20th anniversary of the Bank. Culture and esthetic support for the evening included jazz band’s play, sand animation performed by young talented master from Kharkiv  and singing of Svitalana Shyrobokova (whe is 11 years old, student of  Lviv State  Children’s Music School  No.6), winner of scholarship from VOLKSBANK. Festive cake marked the culmination of evening events, it was specially ‘baked’ by Bank’s employees, and presented in a creative way in comic show ‘Hell’s Kitchen of VOLKSBANK’.

It is already for 20 years that we, VOLKSBANK and you, our customers, make mutual investment into development of national economy, and we are convinced that our cooperation has great potential!

Dear customers and partners, on behalf of VOLKSBANK PJSC Management we sincerely thank you for many-years trust and cooperation!



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